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Men's Health

Studies show that men are less likely to seek out health care than women. Testing and early diagnosis are vital pieces to good health and long lives.

At Floresh our providers specialize in Men's health so you can be sure you are receiving the care you need that fits your lifestyle.

Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. But if your testosterone gets too low, you may notice symptoms like decreased interest in sex, difficulty concentrating, decreased energy, depression, anxiety, irritability, muscle mass, or difficulty losing weight. Additionally, there is an increased risk of developing heart disease and low bone density; and men may notice erectile dysfunction.

Fisherman at Sunset

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can restore Testosterone levels to their ideal range, and relieve the symptoms of Low-T. 


Symptoms associated with Low-T can be caused by other health conditions, so it's important to consult your doctor before pursuing testosterone therapy.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Drake today to determine if TRT is a good fit for you! 

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