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2020 has been a “respiratory” year to say the least. It's been trying to drill into us the importance of sitting and breathing.

• Muscle pain and/or Muscle fatigue? • Brain Fog? Headaches?

• Digestive Issues? Abdominal Pain?

• Anxiety? Stress?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may benefit from breathing therapy.

The Lungs influence blood flow, nutrient flow, lymph flow throughout the body, and the endocrine-nervous system response. As part of the cardiopulmonary system, the Lungs are the carburetor to the fuel-pump (Heart) of our mechanics. The importance and regulation of breath and flow of these life essentials also have great influence on the nervous system-- physically, mentally, emotionally. The silver-lining of this pandemic is being able to have the time to focus on strengthening the breath to help support us through these unprecedented times. What have you been doing for self-care?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Recent studies reveal acupuncture helps to relieve breathlessness.

  2. Sit and rest for just 2 minutes a day to restore mental and emotional balance.

  3. Practice various breathing exercises: Pursed-Lips, Diaphragmatic, and Belly breathing. They each have their different benefits.

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