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Heart Health Hacks

The physical, mental-emotional stressors of everyday life contribute immensely to your heart health. Here are some health tips to maintain a strong and efficient heart.

Love Yourself and Your One and Only Heart
  1. Schedule your annual Wellness Check-up and/or Cardiac Exam with your doctor. Majority of cardiac issues are preventable.

  2. Get moving! Find an activity that holds your interest, gets your body moving and your heart pumping-- walks, dancing, sports, sex!

  3. Alleviate mental-emotional weight and toss that baggage out the door. That's not the type of weightlifting we consider fitness. Excessive stress is a major cause of high blood pressure, leading to hypertension which, if prolonged, leads to cardiovascular issues. Meditation practices and breathing exercises can effectively decrease stress responses, change mood and induce calm.

  4. Eat a rainbow! No, I don't mean Skittles. Incorporate a colorful variety of organic whole foods into your diet. Gastrointestinal health and having good bowel movements affect heart health, which is why heart attacks often occur while the person is bearing down on the toilet. Red color foods tend to benefit the blood and improve circulation. Yellow color foods benefit the digestive system.

  5. Create a bedtime routine to improve sleep health. Sleep is the body's main tool to healing and rejuvenating itself to optimal function. If you don't achieve restorative sleep, the body can't heal itself well.

  6. This novel virus with which we've been coexisting for the past 2 years has proven to be stubborn in its eradication, both in its existence and its long-haul, post-infection symptoms. One of the long-haul symptoms is weakened cardiovascular health. So continue to mask up, wash hands regularly, and practice other universal precautions.

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