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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As with all Fall/Winter soups, the nature of them is to increase warmth, improve circulation, and aid digestion. Our bodies naturally go into “hibernation mode” during cold weather in order to consolidate energy and metabolism slows.

Peas, in TCM theory, tonify nourishing fluids and help to regulate water transformation and transportation throughout the body.

Do you feel extra dry during the winter months--

  • Dry skin and dull complexion?

  • Constipation and poor digestion?

  • Achy stiff joints?

Have some delicious Yellow or Green Split Pea soup. It's a great anti-inflammatory and it also helps to strengthen bones!

Potatoes connect to Earth energy so help to aid digestion, cool Stomach heat and boost energy. Leeks support the Liver energy and are warm, calming, and used to improve circulation. It's quite a simple yet nourishing soup that's enjoyable served both warm or cold.

Both these soup recipes are easy and flavorful enough to become home meal staples for your family every winter. Even the kids will love it and willing get their full serving of vegetables!

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