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Soup season for me is year round but, for most Americans, it's when the weather begins to dip in temperature and that begins now! Here is a fantastic and simple recipe for warm, creamy, delicious Butternut Squash soup from Cookie+Kate: Celebrating Whole Foods.

In TCM theory, eating warm soups regularly in the cold months help the body to continue its metabolic processes with ease while we slow down our lifestyle to “hibernate”. The ingredients that we incorporate to our soups also do their part to warm the gut, aid digestion, improve circulation, and resolve dampness that often comes in with the cold rain/snow.

Butternut squash, pumpkins and other squash family members are incredible at nourishing the body while removing excess damp and phlegm.

Got a winter runny nose? Have some of this winter squash soup!

This recipe also includes shallots, garlic, and nutmeg – all of which are warming prebiotics and probiotics to aid in digestion.

Tend towards upset stomach and diarrhea through all the indulgent winter holiday feasts? Add this soup as a side dish to the table spread!

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