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Do you find yourself suffering from itchy eyes, a watery runny nose, a scratchy throat which is worsening each Spring? As our bodies age and tend to become less efficient at metabolizing then eliminating internal wastes, inflammation builds up in the body. Using self-acupressure allows you to directly assist your respiratory and digestive organs to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide a respite from seasonal allergies. By pressing on certain areas of the body, your circulatory system is activated whereby blood, lymph and nerve connections flow more freely. Your internal organs will feel invigorated and be able to perform at optimum levels. Before starting a session of self-acupressure, always be seated and in a calm state of mind. Tension only impedes the technique.

Activate Your Lungs It may be surprising to learn that the lungs are responsible for excreting the vast majority of fat and toxins from the body--up to 84%! This fact more than presses the point on how important exercise is. The more you breathe out, the more fat and toxins you release. The more toxins you release, the less inflammation you have in your body be triggered by seasonal allergens. BONUS: Yes, with the release of fat and toxins, you may even lose some of this winter weight! To activate lung power and really get your circulatory systems flowing throughout your entire body, look down at your chest. On the same level as the nipples, in the middle of the chest, is a wonderful point called Chest Center. Apply moderate pressure here to stimulate the area. If you're feeling like you need a more vigorous shake-up of your energy, try beating your chest like King Kong. The area you want to hit is higher than Chest Center. Aim for the breastplate in the center and a little off to the sides. You can even let out a sustained low noise as you do this for a little extra mileage. Give Your Digestion a Boost Optimal gut health helps to reduce internal inflammation. Decreased inflammation in the body will help to alleviate severe reactions to external allergens like Spring pollen.

To give your internal organs a massage, stimulate the acupressure points surrounding your belly button. On either side of your belly button, about 1-2 inches away, are points that assist your Large Intestine. Simply press and make small circular movements. Do this for a couple of minutes. If you line up eight fingers directly above the belly button, there is a point directly above the stomach that stimulates it. Be careful not to apply pressure here after a big meal. Gently massage this area with the pads of three fingers. Use both hands if you'd like, just switch from a clockwise to a counter-clockwise direction.

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